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I have been shooting surf action and ocean landscape photography for more than 35 years. Recently a move to Adelaide has taken me away from the ocean. As a result I have rediscovered a passion for cycling. My desire to wear lycra has been rekindled and I have also become enthusiastic about shooting the cycling action I see around me. This website provides me with the opportunity to showcase some of these images that I have taken and will take as my period here in Adelaide evolves. I hope you enjoy the images as they appear.



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Scuzzi - ride to Outer Harbour 31/3/15

Cobwebs 32s Sat 4/4/15

SCUZZI Tues 14/10/14

SCUZZI - The breakaway, Tues 14/10/14

Cobwebs 32s

Lanterne Rouge


Maldives e-Mag


In May 2011 I was invited along on a trip to the Maldives with the crew from Australian Longboard Mag. This is a 100 page pictorial overview of that trip. Enjoy the eMagazine I have produced from the trip. To view the eMagazine click the "Click to Read" button in the image below.



As at 6 July 2014 there have been 19,194 people read this e-Mag.

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Images in the slideshow above have been shot during November 2016.

Some Images from the Slideshows

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Div's Magical Mystery Tour


Up in the Adelaide Hills on Div's Magical Mystery Tour Saturday 5 November 2016. I have been on a couple of these Saturday dirt road adventures now and am really starting to enjoy them. We have gotten to see some of the beautiful back road scenery that exists up in the Adelaide Hills. Dirt road adventures might just become my regular Saturday thing.


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Angus on Debneys Rd


Jack's ride up in the Adelaide Hills. Jack's ride turned into Div's ride as Div took a few us more adventurous types for some off bitumen riding to discover roads and scenery not seen before by many of us. For those interested these images are frame grabs from a 4K video shot on the GoPro.


CLICK HERE to view the Slideshow for October 2016



Up on Norton Summit Rd


Some images up on Norton Summit Rd. There was a very busy magpie on this morning's pedal up on the hill.


CLICK HERE to view the slideshow for 28 August 2016





Eagle MTB Park


Rode up to Eagle MTB Park to snap some images of the Gravity Enduro Series. I figured out why there are not many young guys riding road bikes around the streets of Adealide. They are all up in the hills riding dirt hills. Watch out for the slideshow of images from the shoot they will be posted over the next few days.


CLICK HERE to view the slideshow. More images will be added over the next few days


Cobwebs 34s - 30 July 2016


Riding with the Cobwebs 34s (average speed 35 kph) on our regular Saturday bunch ride to Outer Harbor from the Watermark Hotel at Glenelg.


CLICK HERE to view the slideshow (images are in the back half of the slideshow).


Slideshow for July 2016


Glenn Partington giving it a crack up the very steep bit on the Chambers Gully track on his 20 old year MTB with no suspension and making it look easy.


The images in this slideshow have been taken throughout July 2016. More will be added during the month.


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MTB Ride up To Mt Lofty


Paula took us out on our MTBs for this ride. It was my first time on a MTB for nearly 10 years. I had forgotten how hard it can be. We started on the Chambers Gully Track and diverted onto the Bartil Spur, Gunbower and Wine Shanty Tracks. Bloody steep, had to walk a fair bit as it got to 28% in some spots. Even had my first walk down hill where it was also 28% - slid most of the way down. I think I had fun.


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Ride 4 A Reason 28 Feb 2016


Accpeted an invite with the Ride 4 A Reason bunch for a ride up Norton Summit to Lofty and then back down the freeway for coffee at Velo Precinct (great coffe) in Vic Park. Pat Jonker was the bunch leader for the ride. This crew help raise money for the Cancer Council.


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Trying out 28mm Tyres


Trying out 28mm tyres on my Giant Defy. READ MORE about my experience so far.


The Verdict is in - see my comments now post Ride Like Crazy, Bupa and the Coast to Coast rides by clicking on the link above. No going back for me.


Read this article "Does Size Matter - Are Wider Tyres Really Faster" in Cycling weekly regarding wider tyres


CLICK HERE to read the article on road.cc about 28mm tyres





Check out Surf Images


Only know this guy as Gavin. He had been out surfing Shark Island on the morning this was shot. He was paddling back in via Cronulla Point where I was shooting and he jagged this one, the wave of the day, on his way through to the beach. Some guys have all the luck. CLICK HERE to view Surf Images site.


Shot Details:


Canon 1D Mk III with a 15mm F2.8 fisheye lens shot at F5:0. Shutter speed is 1/640 of a second at ISO 200 using a Aquatech waterhousing.