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How to take a Mud Bath without really trying


Pete and Jan out on their mountain bikes in the Royal National Park after the recent heavy rains. What were they thinking? Maybe a drive through car wash on the way home might be a good idea.


GoPro Pole Cam


Testing my new GoPro Pole Cam. CLICK HERE to view Video

Look what I found


Here I am with a couple of my new mates. That's Bean on the left out at Kurnell and Rocket on the right in Adelaide. Bean is 15 years old and Rocket is 4 months old.

Gravel biking in Darkes Forrest


Gravel Riding (Tuesday 14-1-2020) around the fire trails in Darkes Forrest. Was loads of fun though very exhausting even if only a 40K ride. Paul rode his MTB and Cliff and I rode our Giant Revolt gravel bikes (thanks @chainreactioncronulla). The Revolts handled the terrain like a dream. Soooo comfortable.

We only had one hill we had to walk and it was tough even to walk (27% gradiant - sheesh!). The only mishap of the day was Cliff misreading the depth of one of the creek crossings (there were a few) which caused him to fall off and go completly under the water. Very funny to watch though I'm sure he didn't think so. What was even worse was I missed getting the shot and when I asked Cliff if he would go back and lie in the water so I could get a shot - well you can imagine what he said.

All in all it was a great morning followed by the biggest bacon and egg rolls we have ever had at the Helensburg Nursery. Can't wait to go explore another gravel road. CLICK HERE to view Slideshow.


Darkes Forrest map for the gravel ride in the image above starting and finishing at the nursury at Helensberg



Centennial Park, round & round we go


Headed into Centennial Park to do some laps with my son Michael who has recently taken up cycling and brother Paul who is leading out.

Out on the Gravel Bike


Took the gravel bike out (Tuesday 7-1-2020) for a pedal along Lady Carrington Dr then up the hill to the Garie Look Out and off to Bundeena to catch the ferry home. This image is at the Audely end of the ride where I bumped into these guys as they back to Audley.

The Thirsty Koala


Friday morning (3-1-2020) one the Adelaide ride groups, The Lanterne Rouge, that I rode with during my time in SA stopped to help a thirsty koala as they were riding up to Norton Summit. They think it is the same koala that was in the video that ran a few days ago across a wide range of media. They also think he has learnt that cyclists mean water. After giving it some water the Good Dr Bill Griggs carried him to a house on the side of the road that had a number of water bowls put out for thirsty animals. The blood is on Bill's arm where the koala tried to latch on.

Images from my time in SA


From the beginning of 2013 I spent four years working and cycling in Adelaide. Image 1: Coffee on the Parade with Brenton. Image 2: On Rundle Street waiting for the hills ride with Ryan. Image 3: Amongst the gumtrees heading up to Norton Summit. Image 4: Coffee at the Greek after cycling to Outer Harbor.

Paul heading for pizza


My brother Paul out at Kurnell on our Thusrday evening Pizza ride. We are about to head back to Crust Cronulla to join the non riders for pizza and wine. It has become a regular ride 'n' pizza night now on Thursdays. We leave the Golf Club at 5:00 pm and meet up with the non riders at Crust at 6:30 pm.



Gravel Biking in The Royal National Park. CLICK HERE for Slideshow

Team Marshall


Team Marshall Cycling. CLICK HERE for Slideshow



SOBOBs on their Saturday pedal. CLICK HERE for Slideshow

Criterium around North Adelaide


An image from my time in Adelaide shot at a local criterium. I spent four wonderful years in Adelaide from the end of 2012 to the end of 2016 where I was fortunate enough to be able to join several ride groups.


My brother Paul on last Thursday night's Pizza Ride. Only 2 of us for the ride but 12 for pizza. Was a good night of eating, drinking and laughing 😄. Oh and a good night for riding as well. As Goldilocks would say, not too hot, not too cold, not too windy, just right �

To view the full list of Videos CLICK HERE�‍♂️.


That pesky magpie on the beach front at Kurnell


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