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About Copyright and Personal Image Use.

The copyright © in the photographs/images on this site are owned exclusively by the photographer. Use of the photographs/images, whether in whole or in part is strictly prohibited unless with the permission of the photographer. It is generally an infringement of copyright © to deal with a photograph/image in any of the ways exclusively reserved to the copyright © owner without the copyright © owner's permission. Using part of a photograph/image may also infringe copyright ©, if that part is important or distinctive, even if it is a relatively small proportion of the photograph/image .

Commercial use of photographs/images on this site can be negotiated. The option exists to either purchase the copyright © outright or to licence the photograph/image for a specific commercial use. 

Images for Personal Use on Social Media

I'm happy to provide a low resolution jpeg file of images posted here free of charge for personal use on Instagram and/or Facebook etc. If you would like a copy of an image of yourself for this purpose  EMAIL ME with the date and place where the image was shot and the image number.

Image Prints

Image prints are available for sale. I use PHOTOKING Pro Lab for printing images. I do not supply high res image files suitable for printing unless a suitable buyout fee is agreed as I cannot control what happens to the image. Contact me for prices.

Commercial Use of Images.

Commercial use needs to be negotiated with me and a suitable buyout fee agreed.

The copyright © to the photographs/images remains with the photographer at all times unless the copyright © has been purchased outright.