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Videos shot of Cycling around Cronulla



12. The first SOBOB's training ride for the Bowral Classic with Team Marshall Cycling



11. Testing my new GoPro Pole Cam



10. Team Marshall on the pedal to Cape Solander with the final sprint down the Greenhills Straight "Where Shit Gets Crazy"



9. Paul on last Thursday night's Pizza Ride. Only 2 of us for the ride but 12 for pizza. Was a good night of eating, drinking and laughing 😄. Oh and a good night for riding as well. As Goldilocks would say, not too hot, not too cold, not too windy, just right 🚴‍♂️.



8. The SOBOBs on their Saturday Bridge 2 Bridge pedal around Kogarah Bay



7. Pedaling the new Giant Revolt Advanced 0 gravel bike



6. The 6:00 AM TT Tours Cronulla Bunch 12 Novemver 2019



5. Team Marshall New Kit Day video of ride to Solander on Monday 4 November, 2019



4. Riding the BIG Tractors around from Voo Doo to Cape Solander 13 October, 2019



3. The Team Marshall Bunch show off their sprinting prowess at Col du Whale & Greenhills straight Friday 4 October, 2019



2. The SOBOB's Magical Mystery Ride from Saturday 14 September 2019



1. Team Marshall Wednesday pedal to Cape Solander and back to North Cronulla