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Shimano Di2 Synchro Mesh expalined in the video below


E-Tube (the name Shimano gives to its system platform) is the heart of the Di2 shifting, and whilst there are a few external/visual modifications that neaten things up a bit, really it’s inside, in the brains of the system, where the big changes have been made. Synchro Shift is the most notable new feature. It’s a completely new direction, handing over the control of the shift pattern to the programmable algorithms within the system. But only if you want it to. The key message is Shimano has left everything up to the user to be able to customise the system to work optimally for their own needs. See Video below.


Shimano EW-WU111 Wireless Unit for Di2


Through a small wireless unit called EW-WU111, the Di2 system can communicate via ANT private protocol with different devices.


The EW-WU111 can be connected with your smart phone, tablet or PC and once connected it shows the gear and the current battery status. The connection between the two devices is made over the new E-Tube App via Bluetooth. A variety of possibilities are being offered such as functional assignments, shifter lever settings, multi- and synchro-shift settings and even the option of firmware upgrades on the components. Of course, the connection between PC and the Di2 System can made as usual by using a USB cable.


Shimano Di2 Synchro Mesh explained below by Bike Exchange