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About Greg and Cycling Images


I first started off shooting surfing back in the 70s. I took it up again in the mid 90s before digital and spent a number of years travelling and shooting surf action. You can view my surfing photography at SURF IMAGES. The digital era ushered in a whole new way of shooting and processing which initially did not appeal to me. It was not long though before I emraced all that digital image making had to offer and never looked back.


In 2012 I moved to Adelaide for four years for a job opportunity and got back into cycling. Because I had all the camera gear from my surf shooting I started shooting a lot of the cycling action going on around me in Adelaide. I am now back in Cronulla where I am still cycling and shooting the cycling around Cronulla I am back living once again. I will be posting the images on this website as well as on my Instagram and Facebook Pages. I try to capture only the best images I can regardless of who the cyclist is so whether you are well known around the roads or not you never know you may just see yourself featured.


I am fortunate enough to have some good quality Canon camera gear that does help with capturing quality images though a lot of the images lately have been shot using the GoPro Hero 6 & 7 Black and are actually frame grabs from 2.7K 60p video. I like the GoPro because I can easily hand hold it while riding or mount it from my handle bars or under my seat.


Hope you enjoy the images as I build up another catalogue of Cronulla cycling after having been away for nearly 6 years.